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Missionary Air Group (MAG) utilizes AIRCRAFT to deliver MEDICAL care, relief, and ministry services to REMOTE people groups - showing genuine COMPASSION, after the example of JESUS.
Missionary Air Group
  • Saving Lives
  • Delivering Aid
  • Training Pilots
  • Serving People


An Atypical Inspection
(Sep 2015)

An annual inspection for an airplane, like a car, can either be fairly quick and easy, or it can come with the need for significant investment of time and money.

MAG Extends Service to Africa
(Aug 2015)

Missionary Air Group has recently expanded its medical aviation services to Africa by forging a strategic partnership with “Aviation Médicale de Bongolo” (AMB).

IAMA Conference Promotes Collaboration
(Jul 2015)

On May 11, 2015, several of MAG’s staff members joined together in Coshocton, Ohio to attend the 4-day International Association of Missionary Aviation (IAMA) annual conference.

Extreme Makeover – Rus Rus Edition
(Jun 2015)

In early May, MAG’s Director of Pastoral Ministries Carlos Paz led a team of five to Rus Rus, Honduras to complete some much-needed work on both the hospital and Guest House.

2014 Year-End Ministry Summary
(Jan 2015)

In This Issue: President’s Note, Additional Medical Team Lands in Rus Rus, Making a Difference That Goes Beyond the Numbers, First Operational Flight for Guatemala Field Program, Progress Slow but Steady on Guatemala Air Ambulance...